Scary rescue in a ghost town will keep you up all night!!! 馃懟

Opublikowany 31 pa藕 2020
I counted more than TEN ghosts in this rescue video!!! It is best to watch this video on a large screen so you will see all of them.
This rescue took many hours to accomplish, but Loreta Frankonyte and I didn't give up on this blue-eyed beautiful husky. I'm so happy people know to call #HopeForPaws for these challenging rescues :-)
I am sure many of you are wondering about the gift I promised in this video. Let me just explain it briefly before handing it to you. As we're celebrating Halloween, I am thinking about all the people who passed away from this world and didn't make plans for their pets. This is a terribly sad situation and we would like to make sure this NEVER happens to your pets!!! The way to secure the future of your pets and other family members is of course to write your own will.
As a THANK YOU for supporting Hope For Paws, we would like to offer you this service of writing your personal will FOR FREE:
The whole process is very easy, it takes 20 minutes, and at the end of it, you will have a legal document and the peace of mind you deserve. I know that hundreds of you already completed your wills and it's amazing!!!
If you would like to read more about it, I created a blog post here:
Thank you Jennifer Gray for teaching Prince to do tricks in exchange for treats! If you need help with training, definitely talk to her:
Have a happy holiday, stay safe and healthy out there and let me know how many ghosts you found on this video.
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  • The dog's eyes in the thumbnail is scary and it's 12:31 midnight here... Plus the room is dark. Hell naaaw I'm gonna watch this tomorrow. Goodnight!

    • Lol I just noticed that a ghost also appeared in the vid at exactly 12:31 馃槀 what a coincidence

    • 馃槅

    • I saw this in my recommended section then well its 12 am in my timezone so i slept here i am commenting about it

    • @toitoine 831 Yes, I had.

    • @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel those who dislike video are worst people

  • A very beautiful dog! And a perfect name. Blessings and Peace 鉂わ笍鉁濓笍

  • Prince has eyes like husky

  • Too save your backs you should get something with wheels to carry the dog cage. He's soooo handsome, Prince is the perfect name for him. He's in live with Loretta馃挋馃挋

  • The fur baby was so happy. Glad fur baby got adopted. 馃槏 the end, it is awesome. God bless.

  • Did you see that shadow front of the train? I think that that shadow was a 馃懟.

  • Awesome rescue for an awesome dog. He is beautiful and deserves a wonderful home, not the streets of LA. This is why I make my monthly donation to your org.

  • The people that That dislike this video are idiots

  • Fijaos bien en el video ,se ve la sombra de un fantasma.

  • I donate u 59

  • 2:37 on the extreme left window there鈥檚 a fake ghost

  • Around 12:38 I see ghost right above. Please check what鈥檚 that white shadow?

  • That was devotion to the job !! 馃檮馃檮馃檮. Well done in such., a spooky place 馃憤馃徏馃憤馃徏馃憤馃徏馃槉馃拋鈥嶁檧锔忦煉

  • Yo did anyone else see a ghost at 12:33 moving in the background

  • 2:35 旮办皑 鞙犽Μ鞐 鞙犽牴 氇棘 銊枫劮銊 Train window 銋.銋

  • 13:20 omg soooo cute鈾ワ笍u are doing an amazing job, keep up that great work!馃榾鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍

  • These is real Ghost town creepy screems at 4:19, on the top right of the bldg6:49 looks like a clown, black shodows,bats ,owls different voices too and 9:51 and a little girl ghost on the right side she giggles,12:34 a man looking after you at the back and goes through the walls on the right.. definetely that train was also a Ghost train..who will going to be a passenger? look at that train,its just like the walls full of bandalism writing

  • What a difference it makes in a dog when you show them love and care.

  • 12:34 a ghost on the railroad

  • red eye in the night i am generally scared at noon

  • dog: i can has cheezburgar ?

  • I saw a spirit dressed as a nun following Loretta and Eldad while they were carrying the cage and leaving the place; the nun had appeared between 12:32-12:38. I am wondering if there is anyone also has seen this spirit as what I have seen.

  • At 12:34 he was white this is scary i am not lying i was it pls

  • I see a shadow thingy and it disappear when you guys were taking the dog inside the cage

  • A trip to the hardware store for a couple of retractable casters (the wheels that you see on cabinets, display cases, etc). Two on one end of the trap, and some kinda dowel rod (a broom or mop handle through the links of the trap would work) at the other end, then you could wheel the traps in and out of wherever like a wheel barrel or furniture.

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  • 馃А馃А馃А馃檹

  • He is so handsome.

  • Ah you missed your chance to call him Casper

  • I think his name should have been Ghost.

  • There is someone on the roof I'm joking 6:51

  • Where's his cheeseburger?

  • Dude I see host in the train man

  • Look at in this Video time 12:35 there will be a soul behind you

  • When he looked at the train was it me or was there a face in the window

  • Seriously, I hope y'all check yourselves for ticks and such after this stuff

  • did you see the red glow spoooooookyyyyy


  • Hi I really love dogs and I have rescue a pregnant dog and her puppies are playing with me

  • That is a very populated "ghost town"!!!

  • Not to change the subject 3:39 but how can that tiny pizza delivery person see over the dash board of their car? 馃殫馃崟馃悤

  • Should have named him ghost lol looked a little bit like miley :) another great rescue xo

  • Maybe they called it ghost town because theirs a dog that looks like a ghost also he's cute even when he looks like a ghost

  • I notice that the dog is white and has red eyes doesn't ghost have red eyes

  • I heared a scream in the video

  • Um guys I saw a shadow of a preson on the train

  • 2:36 I was frecked out look at the window there was someone looking them from the window

  • Best

  • 9:50 girl laughter? ghost? 浼氳┍銇唴瀹广倰鐞嗚В銇椼仸銇俱仜銈撱亴銆併仾銈撱仩銇嬪叡鎰熴仐銇︾瑧銇c仸銈嬫銇劅銇樸伨銇欍伃(^^)

  • Great rescue great video gourgous dog! Thank u to all who helped rescue and love this deserving dog!

  • Sunny day acres thank u and Jennifer Grey too!

  • That was a very long scary exhausting rescue! Thank u to both of you!馃グ馃グ

  • This dog looks like a large pup

  • At 8.53 this precious dog amazingly stops barking once the leash goes around him! Good work, Hope For Paws

  • Bro im watching this a 2:34 am and all there was are some specail effects for ghosts lol but very good job for saving another good boy

  • Thank you for saving this beautiful sweet dog 馃悤馃挏馃檹God bless you I am so happy he found a great home

  • You guys do such a great job and I love @HopeFor Paws. I'm a little serious about this bc I have herded a lot of cattle in my day...some cattle herding techniques can come in handy in these situations!.

  • Such a magnificent animal! Truly beautiful once he blossomed with love

  • 2:37 I almost had a heart attack when I saw the silhouette in the train window but then I went back and realized it was editing- 馃槄

  • Thank you guys for your great work!! Wonderful dog!馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅

  • 6:47 is that a ghost in top of building ?? its came out and then dissapear 馃懟 馃槺

  • 馃憤

  • I wonder what kind of mix he is. He鈥檚 very handsome, and that ADORABLE mug!!!

  • 2:35 i thought it was real ghost on the window lol

  • How can this town be abandoned when there is frequent traffic and the burger you just purchased

  • Did you see the ghost hovering over the railroad track at 12:30 ?

  • What flavor PLthrow I don't know what these commercials are that you've made up for us but I'm sick of them. Another day of you creme and s*** down our throats instead of getting things that were used to wanting and needing.

  • look at 12:32, you see a spirite. Not a joke. Look attentively

  • "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.鈥 M. GANDHI

  • 7:10 can we acknowledge how horror movie-ish Loreta's scream sounded?

  • 4:37 IS THAT A BAT????


  • When the train came to cross the street, I am sure I saw a Ghost standing up behind the train. You BOTH sure have to be very brave to go into such a dark corner to rescue this pooch. THANK YOU...

  • Wow spooky owls and wolves. Great job again guy's.馃挏馃憫馃挏馃嚞馃嚙

  • I was scared i watch this in nigth

  • In back

  • When u pick it up the dog

  • I see a gohst

  • Eyes red

  • 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • 馃槼馃槼馃槼 In the window of the train! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 Happy Halloween! I was not expecting to be tricked, good one, and great idea, wonder if there are any more!! 馃憤馃徏

  • i saw walking following on you

  • 6:50-7:00 there is a ghost clown on top of the building which appears and disappear 馃槪

  • This ghost town has more traffic than the main street in my home town.

  • Why was my dog was hate me... p Why..

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  • Thanks for your wonderful work. God Bless Us

  • Penyelamatan menakutkan di kota hantu akan membuatmu terjaga sepanjang malam !!!

  • 浜恒伀鎱c倢銇︺亜銇熴侀<銈忋倢銇︺亜銇熺姮銇嬨仾锛熴鍋ュ悍銇濄亞銇с倛銇嬨仯銇熴伃銆

  • 馃嚞馃嚙 You guys are amazing! 馃Ξ

  • The ghosts are so creepy! But good job

  • Plot twist: the dog wasn鈥檛 barking at you; it was barking at the blurry figure crawling on your back.

  • I was able to see 4 to 5 ghosts in the video. It was quite creepy.

  • Fantasma aparece no tempo 12;. 35. S贸 eu visualizei??

  • Why are you in a ghost town

  • Ghost town? There鈥檚 ppl there

  • I saw something stange figures in this video do anyone also found?

  • Omg I saw a ghost behind them 12:31

  • Ghost at 4:17 is supposed to be there, right?