Cat screams for help from a rooftop of a burnt building! It ends in a love story ❤️❤️❤️

Opublikowany 14 lut 2021
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I am so happy I was called to rescue Bubbles... she is such a special cat! Her story just gets better and better as you watch, and the ending is just so perfect for this holiday thanks to our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue ❤️❤️❤️
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  • Old Phillips 66 station. You don't see those much these days.

  • I like how she IMMEDIATELY walked up to the ladder like "Yes; my animal rescue Uber X has finally arrived. Let us depart, manservent."

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  • Is it just me or did she gain a few pounds at the end? 😂

  • Thousands Of Lives? More like MILLIONS!

  • I hate seeing that she’s overweight now 😕

  • Amazing rescue! Amazing cat! Amazing rescuer!

  • The thing is she must be someone's pet that got missing being stuck on this roof. I would guess she was unable to get back home. I would have come back in the area in case there was some "missing" posters

  • 😀毎回 保護活動 ご苦労さまです

  • This is quite ironic. This video came out 2 days after Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The game's main power-up was the Cat Bell, and this was a cat rescue.

  • The look like they enjoy each other. The cat seems a bit cranky and the dog just wants to play.

  • What a darling. She was so happy to see Eldad. I’m sure whoever has her is eternally grateful.

  • OMG you are something else, what a wonderful person you are. God Bless you

  • she is the cutest and kindest cat :((

  • You don't like heights but you rescued a desperate animal. Bless you, Eldad!

  • I think your next merit badge as a member of the Pet Rescue Scouts needs to be knot tying. :-)

  • Eldad im so glad you put the camera down to do this, i know how important recording is for you and your team but you guys need to be careful! can't you get one of those head cameras?

  • Shes such a pretty cat

  • Where i am legally every animal must be chipped before being able to sell the pet so every animal at an animal shelter comes with a chip

  • There are no such cats, she must be a paid actor. My Tom would have eaten that small dog alive.

  • You've changed so much. Now it's just a matter of money. Always ! Were is your passion ? Or, was it fake from the beginning ? So disappointed... 🤮

  • That is the most chill cat EVER! she disnt even mind baths and a hairdryer. Most cats would go nuts lol

  • Eldad needs a go pro

  • 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • A cat and dog playing like that is just endless entertainment ❤️ bubbles is one cool 😎 kitty. Thank you for all you do

  • Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love them so much i already donated to you hopeforpaws rescue team love you hopeforpaws

  • Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love you 😍 😘 ❤ 💖 ♥ 💕

  • Really good cat!!💜

  • Feral cats need to be trapped and euthanized. They kill so much local wildlife that some species have already gone extinct. As of today, 12 species have already gone extinct in Australia with many more critically endangered. Even the cats that are fed still hunt and kill local wildlife in every area where there are cat colonies. Fixing the cats and releasing them does not help the problem because the cats are not fu*king local wildlife to death, they hunt them. I like cats, I have two beautiful cats but I also enjoy having wildlife around. I seen a cat kill the last squirrel in the area last week. Enough is enough, safe the ones that can be socialized and euthanized the rest. Stop being selfish and thinking only about what you want and start thinking about local wildlife that is disappearing. In Australia along over 100 million birds, rodents, and reptiles were killed by feral cats. There are many different species of rodents not just mice and rats. TNR kills millions of local wildlife worldwide everyday. Trap and euthanized

  • This is a lost cat with a good home. She's well fed and is quite friendly.

  • Why didn't you must carry the cat down in your arm like a football and then put it in the cage? Lol

  • The cat was very socialised to people & very tame / used to being handled and stroked, which tells me at least once in its history it had been owned and happy. Goodness knows how they managed to bath it though ! Every cat I’ve ever known and owned cannot STAND water, any attempt to wash or bath them and they’ll scratch, spit and fight for their lives to get away from it

  • Not surprising Bubbles’s bestie is a dog. What a sweet kitty - and gorgeous!

  • That lady needs to stop feeding the cat so much!

  • cats are sort of a gift from ancient egypt

  • El encanto de Eldad, inigualable

  • need to let you know that on most of your videos, pop up ads cover whatever words you have on the screen at the start. may be you could have your words printed higher on the video.

  • I swear if I had more money than I know what to do with.. I would have acres of land for dogs. I would build large Cat houses for the cats to play in and have a cool walkway for people coming in to choose their new pets. But until that day, I will keep supporting channels like this and other outlets.

  • She goes to the cage, nuzzles the top, looks at him - and is almost saying, "Well. OPEN it!" We need to get out of here!!

    • P.S. Has anyone figured out how she got UP there?

  • Thank you

  • Thank you so much for saving this beautiful sweet cat 🐈🙏💜God bless you

  • Great rescue! I would have totally fallen off the ladder 😝 ❤🙏👍

  • Hermosa, muy asustada. Cuidenla.😺😺😺😷😷😷💓💓💓💓💓💓👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  • I AM CRYING ... HAPPY TEARS!!! Bubbles looks so happy in her new home ... despite the dog!! LOL!! What an amazing rescue!! Eldad, it seems that she was just waiting for you to show up!! THANK YOU for your incredible works!! I wish that I was not so far away, because you would certainly have a volunteer to help with your rescues!!! Bubbles is an incredibly calm & gentle KITTEH!!!

  • So who’s in love ❤️ with this guy! I for one. Such a sweetheart to do these rescues.

  • How do you not just want to keep every animal!? 🥺😍

  • Yes.. im a dog owner.. i have 2 dogs and i adopt abandoned new born baby kitty.. and he is 7months now.. Godbless you sir eldad

  • 子猫ちゃん高いところから救助されて良かったね😅👏元気で活発でワンちゃんとお友達になって明るく幸せになってね😍💕子猫ちゃんとても可愛いいです😋😋❤レスキューの皆さんに感謝です🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I love Bubbles so much! What a sweet cat. So grateful

  • She is adorable, would adopt her in a heartbeat!! So lucky someone heard her crying up there. Love watching her play with her new best friend 😻😻

  • 💒😻💒😻💒Love!!!

  • I'm just commenting because there's 999 comments, so I wanted to be 1000... Cool video too though. I love animals, especially cats and I hate to see them suffer. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. 😻

  • She will find a home easy. Sweet, gentle and good around dogs. Wish you the best life little fur friend. PS My cat was laying here on my bed and watching this very closely. lol. Khaleesi is also a rescue. A friend found her when she was half grown, crying in a pile of garbage in an ally. She was pretty close to her end. She was too weak to even stand. The person who found her hand fed her and held her up in the litter box for a couple of weeks until she got her strength back. Then i took her in. She a weird one but love her anyway.

  • Wow the transition for when he first found the cat to after.. she got so much bigger!!

  • Спасибо. Кошечка.

  • I'm always amazed when I see you're operating a camera while trying to catch and animal and while holding a snare😀 Truly awesome work that begs for respect and praise. Blessings Eldad, Loretta and the rest of the team along with the various vets, surgeons and medical staff 🥰🐕🐈🐇🐓🦆

  • Love her Name Bubbles, very friendly! Was abit Scared, watching, you, came, down that ladder, Rescuer! Glad she has a Home now! 😺❤❤❤❤🇬🇧

  • Question how did it get on the roof

  • Videos are great but for some reason the bubbles thing annoys the hell out of me.

  • She wanted a home

  • I love you with all my heart!!!God Bless You🙏🙏🙏🙏💋❤💗💓💕💖💞💞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😄😄😄😄😄

  • Can u believe that all the coments were sent 2 weeks ago

  • Kinda sad to see her so overweight at the end though :/

  • She is a very well fed cat. If she had owners I hope they knew where she had been adventuring! It is a shame she wasn’t chipped somewhere someone had taken care of her, but care means having your pet chipped so they can be helped home.

  • I just love how her head peaked above the ladder, it just sounded as she was saying "At last you're here! I have been waiting for you all day long!"

  • Happy ending :D

  • one lucky kitten

  • Omg I love these videos ☺️

  • Is there any chance that a fully feral cat of that age and un-fixed would be that friendly? Even if they were starving? To me, that looks like a former pet. She knew how to behave towards a person immediately whereas most feral cats are skittish or absolutely tear turf when they see a human.

  • what a sweetie pie i love calico cats to begin with but gosh shes such a sweetie

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • She’s so precious. Thank you for saving her and so many other sweet animals

  • Eldar, you nees to get a go pro that you can put around a hat. Luckily this was an easy rescue. She has half of a Charlie Chaplin mustache.

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  • Omg! My heart is exploding.

  • Maybe her owner died in that place

  • Just a thought. Invest in a cat backpack and some animal gloves and treats.

  • Just a suggestion but if you have a couple of what I call dog clips ( some guys use them on their jeans to hook a chain on so they look cool LOL ) and just have them clipped to the side of your trap , they won't effect the use of the trap but are always there if you need a quick lock ( such as this case ) .

  • One More Innocent Animal Saved.. Cheers...!!!

  • I think her owner's been doting her a bit too much!

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  • I think Eldad can really use a head lamp and a go pro that straps to either his head or his body.

  • considering how round that kitty got after adoption, bubbles is a great name for her.

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  • Thing is though- if that gorgeous little sweetie did belong to someone and they never bothered to get her microchipped, what fools they are because they've lost an awesome cat, may her new owners not repeat the same mistake and make sure that cutie is chipped and may they also never fail to love and treasure her all her days as she deserves.

  • hi my name is bubbles. i have just met you and i love you

  • most animals untill they know they are safe and even then: OH HELL this cat: i love you

  • 2:34 most animals: wow even more food in hOH H**L IM TRPPED NO IMMA DIE NO STOP THIS IS AAAAAA NOOO AM I DEAD YET this cat: hmm so its a trap. im not so sure. ur a random person but i trust u alright imma try the trap dont try anything tho

  • she so sweet i think someone abandond her shes not a stray def not a stray

  • Bubbles: I like head rubs. I like food. I don't like baths and hair dryers!

  • Hahaha she was screaming at him! “What took you so long, man?!” 😹

  • Cat: _It's about damn time! Hope for paws? More like hope for WAITING FOREVER! Get up here meow!_

  • That cat would have run away from anyone else, but she saw Eldad and chilled out.

  • I have that exact plaid blanket!!! And Bubbles is so adorable! Her meows are so cute!

  • There used to be like six stray cats, most of them were young, that came to my neighborhood because they were so cute. I haven’t seen them in a long time though but I’m not assuming they got homes or anything.

  • Aww, Bubbles is great! She had so much to say lol. I'm glad that she was so happy to come to you, it made the rescue a lot less dangerous than it could have been. Great job.

  • He doesn´t understand cats the way he does dogs though. He´s always a little scared.

  • totally out of rescue mission talk but on V's day! i'd say... i wanna see you two having a wedding ceremony with all the dogs and cats and others you've saved by giving their new life,new chapter! it would be amazing... just being imagine the picture. 😭

  • Thank you for your effort and love the animals

  • I've never seen a cat tolerate so much..... the cage, dog, bath and then the hair dryer? That's one chill cat.